About Us

About us
D.A.V. Montessori School was established in the year 2000 to provide quality education based on the Montessori philosophy and moral & cultural values. The motivation and objective behind starting DAVM was to in still Vedic values and traditions by providing education that combines our heritage, culture and our Indian languages while following the Montessori philosophy. The knowledge of the culture and heritage becomes more critical growing up in a society where the dominant culture is different. We hope that the early childhood exposure to the Vedic values and heritage will provide our children with a solid foundation that will help them during their vulnerable teenage years and beyond.
The school serves children ages 2.5 years through 5th Grade. Our dedicated staff consists of Montessori certified, college educated lead teachers and trained assistants. D.A.V.M. provides a loving, nurturing and caring environment, as we believe that each child is a born learner and helping them reach their full potential is our goal.
Mission Statement:
Our mission at D.A.V. Montessori School is to provide academic excellence along with spiritual growth , knowledge of Vedic values and Indian culture using developmentally appropriate materials. Our goal is to guide and prepare each child to reach their potential – academically, socially and emotionally.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become a premier early childhood educational institution, helping children of Indian origin to learn and appreciate their own heritage, and learn and adopt their cultural values. We owe it to our children to familiarize them with their roots and give them a strong set of core values that would support the development of positive self esteem, good learning habits and attitudes.