Our Faculty

DAV Montessori School’s dedicated staff consists of Montessori certified, college educated lead teachers and trained assistants. These teachers have a passion for teaching and are committed to spark the curiosity and ignite a zest for learning in every student. We ensure that a positive, respectful and a nurturing environment is maintained in all the classroom, as we believe that each child is a born learner and helping them reach their full potential is our goal. Small class size makes it possible for the teachers to spend more one-on-one time and provide individualized attention to each child. DAVM staff goes beyond the call of duty to help the students, whether it is helping them finish their lunch or to challenge them with advanced lessons or to provide extra help for the ones who need it. At DAVM there is a sense of community; teamwork and collaboration creates a special bond between the staff, parents and the students.
Ms. Abhilasha