Academically accelerated program – A combination of Montessori and Traditional method of education with personalized learning plan, designed to help each child reach their full potential. Hindi language – verbal, reading and writing of Hindi is a part of the curriculum. Learning of the Vedic mantras, Prayers and Moral Values under the guidance of Acharyaji is part of the daily routine. We have designed our curriculum in such a way that the Vedic education supplements rather than supplant (replace) the regular public school curriculum. Low student/teacher ratio – Student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1 or less in the Transition class (2.5yrs – 4-yrs), 12:1 or less in Preschool (3yrs-5yrs), 11:1 or less in KG and 1st grade class. Strong partnership between your home and the school – The feeling of family, with a nurturing, supportive partnership between home and school, further enhances the child’s love of school, teachers and friends. Parental participation and volunteering opportunities are always encouraged and available. Professional, dedicated & experienced faculty – DAVM staff is college educated and Montessori certified, with trained classroom teaching assistants. Our teachers are enthusiastic educators committed to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere where children can discover their own potential. Continuing education courses, conferences and seminars are critical to the evolving field of education, and each teacher at DAVM is required to maintain a continuing education plan. IOWA testing of basic skills in Language and Math area – KG and 1st Grade students are given this national standardized test each year and most of the students score two to three grade levels higher in both reading and math areas due to DAVM’s high academic standards. Stage performances and cultural programs – The students get lots of opportunities to participate in the cultural programs as well as perform on the stage. Yoga – Each week the students get an opportunity to learn yoga from a certified Yoga teacher. Warm Food – Each class is furnished with a microwave and at lunch time teachers warm up the food and encourage the students to finish their food. Secure & safe environment – The school is located on a quiet street within the Arya Samaj Houston premises. It is built on a four acre land and is surrounded by lush green trees and well maintained gardens.  

Beyond DAVM…

Prospective parents often ask, “Where do your students go when they leave DAVM?” Without doubt, parents were initially hesitant not knowing whether after a few years in such a unique school their child would be able to adjust to the environment of a public or private school. After a very successful ten years we are proud to inform that DAV Montessori graduating students have been accepted in prestigious programs (Vanguard, Magnet, Gifted & Talented) in both private and public schools in the Greater Houston area. DAVM alumni families have shared their child’s performance in their new school, and have reported that the student’s easily cope with the transition from a smaller environment to a big school. Their child is excelling academically as well as confidently participate in all the school activities. The returning alumni families with their younger child is the biggest testament to our work here at DAVM.