Reading, Writing and Vocabulary are not just a core language study topics at DAV Elementary. They are a method of participation, communication and inclusion. Effective communication requires speakers and writers to express views and opinions, provide information and explain processes to persuade their audience. Our students not only work on their stated core curriculum, but also focus on Oral Expression and Listening Skills. The strategies and techniques they learn contribute to a deeper understanding of different situations and help them determine the best approach and solution based on ‘purpose’. Reading a variety of texts from Literary to Informative; Tall Tales to Historical Legends help our students understand and interpret a range of reading strategies. The knowledge of morphology and word relationships helps our students become effective readers. They research, summarize and paraphrase. High quality research requires information that is organized and presented with documentation. They identify and evaluate ideas and consequences. They ask questions and analyze information. They apply their skills and lead by example when they bridge the communication gap between media and lower elementary school. A hands-on experience and practical implementation of what they learn helps them retain their knowledge base for higher levels of learning. Our students demonstrate their learnings in various ways: they build posters to communicate the concepts they have studied; they publish newsletters to share research, thoughts and ideas; they write and direct short plays; they participate in group discussions based on chosen topics or books we read through our Read and Annotate Program. Annual Language Fair allows our students to show their language skills and provides for healthy competition between peers.