Technology: In Grade 2, students are introduced to the correct way to use a keyboard and are trained in the home row typing skills to the accuracy of 70%. But it’s not all work. Students play games and become more familiar with the use of keys and mouse or touch pads. Gradually through year, they are introduced to the basic use of word documents and presentation skills. Students in Grade 3 practice keyboarding and become more proficient in the top and bottom rows of the keyboard. They get better at their presentation skills producing more finished work using a variety of tools. Grades 4 and 5 discover how to research using the internet. They are introduced to internet safety and rules on how to use content. They become more aware of copyrights, how to save information and how to reference information on the web browser. Through the years, our students use technology to integrate the various core subjects in a classic STEAM integration. Our students have opportunities to present to other grades thus, grooming them to speak in front of an audience, answer questions, participate in debates and discussions – everything you need for a real-life presentation skills!

Social Sciences: Students learn about various social topics such as culture, demographics, politics, ancient history, and economics. They learn various geographical topics such as types of landforms, countries, cities, states, and bodies of water. Students also learn the importance of learning about various countries and their cultures, geography, history, wars, and much more. We make the classroom a fun and engaging environment for students, such as hands-on activities and projects, to maximize their learning but also enjoy doing so.

Science: Science is everywhere and is very well connected with all the other disciplines of education – known as STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Our school runs a strong science program that helps our students make sense of the physical world. It helps them understand how and why things work by doing hands on activities and scientific investigation on every concept we study. The students create a lot of models, anchor charts, engineering products, conduct research and field based investigations, etc. Art and Music is used in our Science class on a regular basis to make Science more interesting for all our students. The school conducts a Science Fair for our elementary students from kindergarten to fifth grade. We try our best to connect all the core subjects with Science so our students can connect all the dots and can experience a complete picture.