Transition Class
The students in the transition class are between the ages of 2.5 years to 4 years. Since this is their first time away from home, it is essential to provide a nurturing and a caring environment. A positive separation experience is encouraged to help the child make a successful transition from home to school. A carefully prepared environment with challenging and stimulating materials provide an opportunity for the students to explore and experiment. As children work together in the classroom, they are gently guided in a manner, which enhances their innate sense of independence, order, respect, and kindness.
The class is divided into the five basic areas of the curriculum, just like the pre-school class for 3-5 year olds. The activities are sequenced from simple to complex but the curriculum is both simplified and more open-ended for this age group. In the Practical Life area children practice motor control while they acquire the sense of order and concentration to perform everyday tasks that help them achieve that biggest goal: Independence! Sensorial area has materials that encourage exploration of spatial concepts. Language enrichment which includes vocabulary building, rhyming words, sequencing, and oppos ites are just a few ways in which a child starts the basis of reading. There are indoor as well as outdoor opportunities for gross motor practice and exploration: jumping, climbing,and crawling. There is always room for pretend play, social interaction and time for all those things that children want to do on their own — taking off (and maybe putting on!) shoes, opening containers, getting dressed, eating independently, toileting. The developmental needs of the children come first. They learn to work both individually or in a group. Since the children have a limited attention span the children in the transition class work in half hour sessions on the Montessori materials. Hindi action songs and Vedic prayers along with fun song for good habits are also part of the daily routine. Weekly yoga class teaches children the correct yoga postures and get into a habit to exercise regularly from a very early age.